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We create opportunities

Steel, know-how in forming and high-quality tools from a single source – competent, flexible and reliable

The W. Ossenberg & Cie stainless steel factory has been producing and forging stainless steel for over 100 years. his own steel. We have been contract forging special materials and alloys for over 60 years. Processing steps and heat treatment processes tailored to the materials round off the depth of production. This brings enormous know-how when processing the materials itself. The entire manufacturing process – from melting your own steel to forming and machining in our own tool shop – can be customized to your needs be compiled.

Our portfolio includes:

  • Standard analyzes (cold, hot and high-speed steel as well as stainless, acid- and heat-resistant steels)
  • Special analyzes and small quantities in the steel sector
  • Forged semi-finished products (round, square, flat, discs)
  • Contract forging and reforging of high-alloy stainless steels and special and high-performance materials
  • Heat treatment and mechanical processing (turned or peeled, milled, ground)
  • Tools and components made of tool steel, non-ferrous metals and special materials

Competence and flexibility


Melting, forging, refining and machining with experience. Our employees are motivated professionals who have learned their craft. We train highly qualified specialists to implement your requirements. Through constant investments, traditional production is supplemented and constantly improved - the experience from over a hundred years of company history helps us in this.


Individual requirements are the rule for us. We have no standard dimensions or anonymous storage. We manufacture individually, based on your needs, with moderate minimum purchase quantities. For short-term needs, we keep a wide range of semi-finished products in stock, which come exclusively from our own production. This means we can react at short notice and also offer small quantities.


We ensure that our products are of consistently high quality. Before a product leaves our company, it is subjected to extensive quality controls. An ultrasound, crack and mix-up test is mandatory for our forged semi-finished products; we carry out further tests in coordination with our customers. 100 % controlled dimensions on our tools? No problem, with documentation from our modern measuring machines if required. We are constantly developing our ISO 9001 certified management system and our manufacturing processes through continuous improvement.

our philosophy


We don't have strategic business units, we are one. Unmistakable. The Ossenberg stainless steel plant is the smallest integrated steel plant in Germany. And this size represents our particular strength because it guarantees our customers maximum flexibility. The special needs of our customers determine the program.

Management and employees act according to a very simple principle: everyone does their best so that together we can fulfill our customers' every wish quickly and optimally.


We have been successfully asserting ourselves in a highly competitive market for over a century. And to ensure that it stays that way for a long time, we rely on constant innovation and expansion of our technological range of services.

Our ability to respond to constantly changing customer needs with constant reliability is the basis of our above-average customer relationships.

our philosophy



Our experience makes us safe. We master the production of several hundred materials and tools with the most complex chemical compositions and shapes. We do not rely on chance but on safe and repeatable processes.

Maximum quality is a promise for us. Every product is constantly monitored with appropriate quality controls from the production of the material or the receipt of the material to the outgoing goods and processes are corrected promptly if necessary. Continuous improvement is our daily business. The quality management system is of course certified according to ISO 9001. In addition, many customer-specific approvals from well-known customers and manufacturers of high-performance materials prove that we always meet the highest individual requirements in terms of quality.

Our certificates



Our company was founded in 1907 in Altena-Evingsen, at that time the center of the traditional German wire industry. The company founders Ossenberg and Heil and their initially only three employees used a special production process developed in England to produce cast steel drawing iron, the essential tool in the wire drawing factories of the time. The resulting excellent product quality was continually developed, and our own supply of raw materials was established, thereby setting standards that are still valid today. Success meant growth and diversification, the company grew. Around 1930 we finally started producing stainless steel, which is now one of the three core businesses alongside hot forming and tool production. Today we continue the tradition of our company with around 85 employees.