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A variety of materials, dimensions and processing options

Homemade steel

We shape the steel produced in our melt in precisely coordinated stitch plans from forging step to forging step - refined by the appropriate material-specific heat treatment. Designed to achieve the optimal degree of deformation and structural condition, including the necessary processing procedures.

You can find data sheets for our materials here:

Contract forging of provided blocks and semi-finished products.

We forge high-alloy stainless steels and special and high-performance materials such as nickel-based alloys, cobalt-based alloys, superalloys and alloys made of copper, titanium, vanadium, niobium and tantalum according to your wishes.

In close coordination with the customer or his forging support, including required heat treatment steps or machining processes.

Forging dimensions steel & contract forging / reforging

Homemade steelContract forging
Around25-250mm1) x 3500mm25-325mm x 6000mm
square25-220mm x 3000mm
Circuit board / rectanglemax. 450 mm1) / Height = min. 10% width1)
slicesup to Ø 500 mm1) / Height = min. 10% Ø
Block weight300 – 2100 kgmax. 5000 kg2)

1) larger on request
2) min. 500 mm long

Turned, peeled, milled, ground, heat-treated upon request – specifically tailored to your needs!

Heat treatment

In our forge area we have numerous modern heat treatment furnaces and equipment at our disposal. A central recording of the process parameters of each individual heat treatment batch is guaranteed, so that proof of temperature control and holding times can be certified for all products. The range of services is rounded off with external service providers for more specific heat treatment processes.

Mechanical processing / finishing

If necessary, we also deliver the products we forge for you with mechanical processing, e.g. peeled, turned, milled or ground. A refinement, such as a blasted surface or sawing to the lengths you require, rounds off our range of services.

Project orders

We offer you the opportunity to forge your material ideas for your development. In small quantities and on a manageable schedule, exactly how it fits into your project plan. We discussed and planned project ideas with various customers from industry and research institutes, contributed our know-how and implemented them with individual support.