We don't need a somebody -
we need you

As a solid and innovative company we offer safe and challenging jobs. From the beginning of your training you will be working together with our experienced professionals and you will start to learn the daily practice. Our aim is to integrate you fully in our team after the successful completion of your training.
In general, your training takes 3 years. However, you may be shortened under certain conditions, to 2 ½ or 2 years depending on your past education. The training is spread over two locations: the practical part will take place with your colleagues here in Evingsen. The theoretical part provides you with the relevant professional school. We don't just for fun but on actual demand, ie. the opportunities are great.
In the commercial sector we train:

  • machining technicians
  • industrial Mechanics
  • Process engineer for the Department of Stahlumformung
  • Process engineer for the Department of iron and steel metallurgy.

In the commercial area, we offer a training for industrial clerks.
It all sounds rather dry? Then check out just look at what our students say about their job!