A variety of materials, sizes and post-processing

The material produced in our melting shop will be forged with all of our experience and will then be subjected to a careful and controlled heat treatment. The type of heat treatment is specifically tailored to each material and specified in the relevant material specification. Your special requirements can of course also be realized by us - an interesting possibility for your R&D-projects.

Steels in sizes: 18 to 325 mm (round and square) in widths of max. 500 mm, height of at least 10% of the width.

Rod lengths in the following steps:  

  • <50mm: 3000mm bar length
  • <160mm to 4500mm bar length
  • <325mm by 6500mm bar length
  • Slices: 100 to 800 mm diameter.

We can provide turning, peeling, milling, and grinding.
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