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We don’t need just anyone – we need you!

Vacancies - As soon as possible we are looking for:

Verkaufssachbearbeiter m/w/d in Teilzeit

Sales clerk m/f/d part-time

Materialprüfer für Schmiedeprodukte / Stabstahl / Halbzeug m/w/d

Material tester for forged products / bar steel / semi-finished products m/f/d

Produktionshelfer Versandbereich für Schmiede-produkte / Stabstahl / Halbzeug m/w/d

Production assistant shipping area for forged products / bar steel / semi-finished products m/f/d

Industriekaufmann m/w/d für den Bereich Buchhaltung in Teilzeit

Industrial clerk m/f/d for the accounting department in part-time

Mitarbeiter Schmelzbetrieb m/w/d

Employee smelting plant m/f/d

Gelernter Schmied / Produktionshelfer m/w/d für unseren Schmiedebereich

Trained blacksmith / production assistant m/f/d for our forging department

Maschinen- und Anlagenführer oder Maschinenbediener m/w/d für unseren Schmiedebereich

Machine and plant operator or machine operator m/f/d for our forging department

Training at the stainless steel works W. Ossenberg & Cie.

As a solid and innovative medium-sized company, we offer secure and varied jobs. From the start of your training, you will work with young and experienced professionals and get to know the daily practice of our company as a team. Because we would like to take you into this team after you have successfully completed your training!

In general, training with us lasts 2.5 or 3.5 years. However, under certain conditions it can be shortened to 2 or 2.5 years. The training is spread over two locations: You will learn the practical aspects of the job with your new colleagues here in Evingsen, and the theoretical part will be taught to you by the respective vocational school. Depending on the training occupation, this is supplemented by training courses or training periods in external training companies.

We don't train based on suspicion, but rather based on our needs! Through training, we invest in you and the continued success of our company. If you are suitable, you have a great chance of being taken on by the company.

That's why we form... commercial and commercial area in the professions listed below on a regular basis in order to use our own resources to prevent the shortage of skilled workers. We would be happy to provide you with information about these apprenticeships – just contact us!

Open training positions – As soon as possible we are looking for:

Our training video:

Does this all still sound pretty dry? Then just take a look at what some of our former trainees said about their time and their experiences during their training with us.

By the way, most of them are todaye still employed by us!!!